Your food allergy assistant

The Allergy Force app helps you take charge of your food allergies by putting the information you need at your fingertips.

Provides the assistance you need all in one place

Living with food allergies is hard. You need to make food choices all the time and you never know when you'll face an allergy emergency because you got it wrong. Now you have the Allergy Force app to help you stay safe in a simple and easy way.

  • EpiPen Expiry

    Don't get caught short with expired EpiPens. Alerts remind you when to replace them.

  • Food Recalls

    FDA food allergy recall alerts help you avoid foods with allergen contaminants.

  • Restaurant Safety

    Communicate your food allergies to the kitchen. It's fast, easy and accurate. Available in 10 languages.

  • Emergency Dialer

    Sometimes it's difficult to think clearly in an emergency. Press the red 911 button and connect to emergency services plus your emergency contacts, too.

  • Allergy Reaction Diary

    Checkbox diary allows you to quickly record a detailed and accurate account of any allergic reaction.

  • Scan and Search Features to Eliminate Unsafe Foods

    Feature scans barcodes or type in foods and  search for allergens in food ingredients--helps you quickly cross check ingredients and eliminate unsafe foods from your shopping cart. 

  • Reaction Response Guide

    Check symptoms to see if severe or mild.  Determine possible action steps with confidence. Designed to include doctor's specific directions.

  • Hidden Allergen List

    Don't miss less common names for the most common allergens.

Customized Just for You

Select from the most common allergens or add up to 5 less common ones. Used in the app to screen out unsafe foods and alert restaurants. Always displayed on your home page.

Critical Allergy Information that's Unique to You

When you have food allergies you need to keep track of a lot of complex information that's unique to you alone. Allergy Force helps you easily keep track of your allergy information so it's there when you need it.

Learn from and Share with Others

You're not alone. You're part of a large global community. Food allergy sufferers can benefit from shared knowledge and experiences. Create groups and forums. Share experiences you've had traveling or dining out. Share recipes or foods that work for your allergy profile.

An Easy-to-Use App for Managing Your Food Allergies

Allergy Force helps you take control of your food allergies and make more informed food choices. Now you have the information at your fingertips you need to stay safe.

Allergy Force helps you take control of your food allergies and gives you the freedom to live without fear.